Immaculate Order’s Heretics!

During the Great War in which the Gods overthrew the Primordials and took Yu-Shan for themselves, the Exalted were created. The Exalted both Celestial and Terestial were extremely powerful weapons that the Gods Could not have won with out. Exalts to give them the ability to fight the Primordials through a Limit Break which allowed them to bleed off the maddening effects of facing Primordials. It was through this Back door ability that the Primordials cursed the Exalts. With victory in hand the Incarna turned their sights on the Games of Divinity inside the Jade Pleasure Dome at the heart of Yu-Shan. The Solar, Lunar and Sidereal Exalted (children of the Unconquered Sun, Luna and the Five Maidens, respectively) were left in charge of creation to see that thing ran in harmony. The full scope of the Curse had not been seen by the Incarna before they became addicted to the Games of Divinity. Over the course of time the curse drove the Celestial Exalts to great acts of violence and passion that would lead to the down fall of the 1st Age.

As it stands many believe that the Curse has no cure and that there is nothing that can be done. But through the ages a mysterious figure has watched over the 2nd Age tried to keep the pieces together as best as possible. This figure has now taken to recruiting members of the Dragon Blooded houses and the Immaculate Order to the most Heretical belief, that Solar Exalts are not demons but a needed part of Creation and that they can be cured of their rage. All that is needed is an army be raised to storm the gates of Yu-Shan and destroy the Jade Pleasure Dome.

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Immaculate Order's Heretics