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Started work trying to flesh out an idea for a Dragon Blooded campaign. After working on it a bit I believe it could also be used as a Solar campaign with minimal tweaking. I decided to make it a dragon blooded game primarily because we are the original play-testers for Exalted 2nd ed and we have experienced first hand on many occasions how over powered PCs get in a hurry, so wanted something a little more tame. Terrestrial Exalts get to that overpowered point as well, it just takes them hundreds of years of in game life to reach earth shattering feats of a Solar…. and lets face it any game where you don’t have Celestial Level Magic has got to be a blessing.

So the basic idea of this game is that there is a mysterious figure who claims to know how to save all of creation and get it back on track to where it should be. The figure says that with the death of the Primordials creation should have continued to flourish and grow, but the Great Curse, the great contagion, and the absence of the Incarna have derailed advancement by a couple thousand years. This Figure is teaching that if the Incarna can merely visit creation the Great Curse will be lessened on the Solars and they will no longer be blood thirsty demons. The figure is also teaching that if the Incarna would meet with their children the Great Curse could be cured over time. To accomplish all this the figure is teaching that the Celestial Exalts must be primed to take over creation again and that the Games of Divinity must stop. The figure is teaching that Dragons Blooded were never meant to rule creation, but protect it and be the army of the Solars. Heretical teachings all, but to make matters worse the figure is recruiting from Secondary Schools through the Realm.


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